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Criminal Minds Chat

I have to comment because, seriously…


NittyMcNitpicker: So, was it Will who got home and took Henry from Reid’s exhausted arms?

KH: Wil had just finished his double duty when he walked through the door to find Reid and Henry sleep on the couch. Then JJ came home…


I just love all of this action that we we’ll never get to see. It’s like fan fiction.

…then Reid went home with Morgan and… 

Seriously, writers, don’t waste away TWO incredible opportunities for team moments like last night. If you want Hotch in tights, like the rest of us, plus the girls having fun together and Reid being adorable with Henry, spread them around different episodes.

And if you are going to come up with fanfic to shut us up, at least add something naughty.




sam-maddy: Who is your dream guest star?

KH: Lea Michele 


You know who is my dream guest star? Jane Lynch. So that Reid can finally have a storyline. Because apparently his character can only have one if a special guest star shows up.

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